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How to Start a Plant-Based Diet

Chances are you’ve come in touch with one or more benefits of a plant-based diet at this point. Recent media coverage, as well as some major documentaries, have shed light on how shifting towards more wholesome vegan meals not only heals our bodies but also the planet as a whole – while saving countless innocent lives.

1. What’s Your Motivation?

Since you made your way to our website, you are probably in a stage of your life where you are ready for some major changes.

Now, just take a minute and become really clear about the goals you want to achieve by hopping on this plant-based lifestyle. What is important to you?

Maybe you want to get rid of some kind of disease, increase your energy, help save the planet or animal lives – it doesn’t matter. Anything that excites you to take further steps towards a plant-based diet is great.

Keep it close to your heart, write it down, research it regularly to stay in touch with your motivation and learn something new along the way… because the reasons for not eating animal products are endless and you might resonate with more and more over time.

You could watch some documentaries or YouTube videos to keep focused even when things get a little harder.

2. Prepare for Being on the Go

It’s one thing to eat plant-based at home but what if hunger hits and you’re out and about? Instead of ravenously looking for something that you could eat and be tempted to just grab a highly processed or animal-based option, you could make sure to always have some kind of snack with you.

This could mean some fresh fruit, nuts, energy balls or vegan bars – but also homemade wraps, sandwiches, grain-based salads or simply leftovers.

Other tips here would be to eat before you leave the house and know of a few locations you can grab some good plant-based meals or snacks. Here’s an article on many common fast food and restaurant chains and what you can order there!

3. Start with a Plant-Based Breakfast

Three vegan main meals per day can seem a bit daunting when you’re just starting out. But how does oatmeal or a smoothie for breakfast sound? A delicious, easy and healthy way to start your day.

Usually, breakfasts are the easiest meals to veganize. Think pancakes, blueberry muffins, chia pudding, banana bread, oat bars or savory options such as tofu scrambles with potatoes or avocado toast. And there are a lot more vegan breakfast recipes out there!

These easy plant-based breakfasts will inspire you to move on to a healthy vegan lunch, which is the next meal you can tackle. Once you feel confident to have a fully plant-based breakfast and lunch, move on to dinner.

Continue till you have all meals and snacks transformed into plant-based ones. Tip: Our favorite lunch is just leftover dinner!

4. Find Like-Minded People

Human beings are social creatures. We’re highly impacted by the people we surround ourselves with and one of the most common reasons for why vegans go back to animal products again is social pressure.

Feeling alone in your quest and having to justify, organize and explain yourself over and over again can become so tiring, and, in the end – not worth it anymore.

As much as we want to inspire not-yet-vegans to try plant-based eating for a while and take a look at the reasons behind veganism, we also want to prevent more ex-vegans.

We often hear from our readers that they don’t have any support at home from their families – which is why we highly recommend reaching out online and joining a virtual vegan group somewhere. A good place to start would be Facebook (you’re always welcome in our private group here) where you can search for vegan or plant-based groups – some of which might even be in your local area!

Having someone to talk to about delicious plant-based food and have the opportunity to rant, or ask for help if you’re looking for a specific product, is invaluable. There are many other platforms like Meetup to get in touch with like-minded people in real life.

After a while, you might even influence some friends or family members to try more plant-based meals and get an ally that way – who knows. Let the results speak for themselves and people will become curious at some point. We definitely are a growing movement, so let’s all connect!

5. Make a Solid Commitment

Now that you have created a good foundation for your plant-based lifestyle, it’s time to commit. Choose some weeks or even a month during which you’ll try to put everything into action and follow-through.

Clean out your kitchen or kitchen space, have all kinds of plant-based staples on hand, keep a list with your favorite plant-based meals and snacks around, and enjoy every single bite!

Maybe following some fellow vegans on social media could give you some additional inspiration and help you feel less alone. It’s only when you decide to make this happen that the transformation will take place and you’ll be able to recognize all of the amazing benefits of living this way.

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